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            ABOUT US
            Guangzhou Lushun Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997, after nearly twenty years of development, we are one of the largest truck parts wholesalers in Southern China now. Our company is located in Baiyun district where is only 20 kilometers to Baiyun International airport. Subway, highway transportation is very convenient here.
            Our company has more than 200 employees, operating area of over 30,000 square meters. We mainly engaged in all kinds of spare parts and accessories for the trucks Made in China like JAC,FOTON,JMC,DFAC,FAW,NAVECO,PICK-UP,JBC,GONOW,BUS,CHANA and many other brands. We provide more than 100000 different types of truck parts and huge stock. Meanwhile we are authorized as the distribution center for many famous Engine factories, Gearbox factories, Axle factories and so on.
            We are proficient in truck parts business working with the ERP management system in every department from purchase ,sales ,finance to warehouse,with strict quality control and accurate supply, we gain over a thousand customers' trust. Our spare parts have been exported to Africa, Russia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and etc.
            CONTACT US

            General Manager: Mr Li

            Tel: +86 20 66235749

            Mobile: +86 13710600638

            Fax: +86 20 87476716

            Skype: nancy_xia82


            [email protected]

            GuangZhou Lushun auto parts Co.,Ltd
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